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The Amazing Race 29 Episode 1 Recap

Michael & Michelle return and are joined by special guest Anthony to recap the first episode of The Amazing Race 29. In this episode:
•   Why do we mock Italy?
•   Anthony & Michelle are casuals.
•   Michael doesn’t pay attention.
•   Michelle gets a bit too excited.
•   There’s some bragging.
•   How does Michael know the Panamanian flag?
•   There’s some more terrible Boston impressions.
•   Someone challenges Phil.
•   Are you an Alpha Male?
•   How terrible are the hashtags?
•   Anthony proves not to be very trusting.
•   Someone lives in a TV show.
•   We can actually talk rugby with an expert.
•   Michelle learns a new word.
•   What was the biggest secret that was revealed this episode?
•   We talk manual cars.
•   What is the appropriate way to tell a lady to calm down?
•   Which detour would we have picked?
•   Should it have been a non-elimination leg?
•   Tara Basro reappears (or does she?)
•   Did someone make a bad choice at the schoolyard pick?
•   There’s a new addition to the MH Rules.
•   Shamir channels Probst.
•   Was the penalty fair?
•   How will U-Turns work?
•   The “This Season” trailer showed far too much.
•   And who will be eliminated next?