The Amazing Race Canada 5 Episode 6 Recap

Logan & Michael return once more to recap Amazing Race Canada 5’s sixth episode and return to Canada (not that they should ever leave). In this episode:

  • We’re both still slightly perplexed by the episode.
  • Was it really a coincidence that Johnny Mustard appeared?
  • It gets a bit fired up when we talk about Production leaks.
  • Logan got some hate mail.
  • We both took the citizenship test, and the results may surprise you!
  • Monty needs some jazz hands.
  • Our relationship with one team threatens to alter dramatically.
  • Why was there a U-Turn on a Non-Elimination Leg?
  • All of Michael’s pre-season predictions are coming true.
  • There’s so many arseholes.
  • We discuss mayors and deputy ministers.
  • What is the Hong Kong of Canada?
  • It all goes a little Big Brother Canada 3.
  • There’s more hilarity courtesy of RacePlay.
  • What should Logan’s next birthday photoshop be?
  • We learn about Canadian kids’ TV.
  • How does Logan spend his days off?
  • How could this leg have been even more Canadian?
  • Who would be on a celebrity edition of Amazing Race Canada?
  • One of our favourite teams makes a glorious return.
  • We create a Mario Kart mod.
  • There’s an update on the Rankdown.
  • Someone pulls a Rodney.
  • What should Logan’s Amazing Race Canada catchphrase be?
  • Michael has a podcast recommendation.
  • Would Racers listen to our Podcast?
  • What sightings occurred when this episode was filmed?
  • Which team is the Canadian DJ Khalids?
  • We preview Hunted UK.
  • Who would Logan award Canadian citizenship to?
  • Did one team fivehole the citizenship test?
  • Our favourite impression accidentally returns.
  • Logan has a Black Family moment.
  • How will the cities that Adam & Andrea go to be chosen?
  • Which family members doesn’t Michelle hate?
  • Is bowling actually a sport?
  • Who will be eliminated next?
  • And we take your questions.

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